DTC project in Bogotà / Colombia / Latin America

Under invitation of the Department of Arts & Design at the University Jorge Taleo in Bogota’, the Dreams’ Time Capsule project was staged during two days on August 26th and 27th 2013 at the University Library of at the Jorge Taleo University in Bogotà, Colombia.

The event was in doubt until a few days before the scheduled date, an airline company had temporary lost the suitcase with the installation, leaving it in Paris during the transfer from Turin to Bogota’. After 3 weeks of phone calls and claims, we managed to get back the suitcase and the inflatable installation. Our greetings during this episode go to Viviana, Sally and Oscar Munoz, Diana from the residency Lugar a Dudas  for their support, during our journey in Colombia. We always remember “hay que tener fe’!”

Then, on August 26th, Prof. Catalina Quijano and co-ordinated by Dr. Carolina Forero have curated the event, engaged audience and volunteers to inform participants on the purpose and process of the survey. Academic and non-academic audience replied enthusiastically and contributed to engross the audio archive with more than 114 dream testimonies.

On August 30th, there has been also a talk on dreams at the ADEPAC Association for Jungian Studies with Prof. Juan Carlos Alonso. http://www.adepac.org/inicio/eva-frapiccini-2/

Our personal greetings to Graciela and Duque’s Family for their kindness. Thanks to all participants, organisers and researchers. We really enjoyed the spirit of Colombia (in spite of all the difficulties we lived because airlines companies!)